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Tuesday July 09, 2019   Origami Envelope Concertina 9:30-12:30
Wednesday July 10, 2019   Japanese Stab Bound Book 9:30-12:30
Thursday July 11, 2019   Big Button Book 9:30-12:30
Book this week to learn three different ways to make books— accordion (concertina) folded, side stab bound, and pamphlet stitched. Each day is a separate session or join us to make all three very different one-of-a-kind books.

Origami Envelope Concertina
What is a concertina book? It is another name for a folded book structure that resembles an accordion. Accordion books have a long and rich history in many parts of Asia as well as in the Aztec and Mayan cultures of Mexico and Central America. Make a unique and cohesive accordion book containing origami folded envelopes, pattern painted with acrylic inks. The envelopes in this book are perfect to tuck poetry, inspirational messages, photos, or other images within. It is a great gift for a birthday or special occasion, or just beautifully displayed in your home, standing to reveal both the front and back pages.

Japanese Stab Bound Book
You will learn the four traditional sewing patterns used in Japanese bindings and complete one book in the traditional Japanese style four-hole binding. Japanese marbled suminagashi papers for your book will be available for sale.

Big Button Book
Make a pamphlet stitched, big button book using gel printed or painted papers as covers and assorted, interesting papers for interior pages. Make a small hidden pocket book sewn into the Big Button Book. Monoprinted and painted cover papers will be available for sale.

Instructor: Sandy Bernat
Fee: $75 per session with most supplies included
$215 all three sessions
Work Hours/Time: 3 hours
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Origami Envelope Concertina
Origami Envelope Concertina
Japanese Stab Bound Books
Suminagashi Japanese Stab Bound Book
Big Button Book