Papermaking with Seaweed

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Tuesday July 02, 2024   Papermaking with Seaweed 9:30-12:30
Tuesday July 16, 2024   Papermaking with Seaweed 9:30-12:30

You will be using fresh Vineyard seaweed in this popular workshop to create one-of-a-kind seaweed inspired papers. After sorting and cleaning the seaweed, you will pull sheets of paper from various colorful, pigmented vats of pulp, one of which will have seaweed as an inclusion in the pulp. By floating seaweed in a vat of water, you will learn how to manipulate and press seaweed directly onto a freshly pulled sheet of paper. There will be some colorful vats of paper pulp to work with. In addition, you will explore some pulp painting techniques to create realistic or abstract scenes with seaweed.

Instructor: Sandy Bernat
Fee: $100
Work Hours/Time: 9:30-12:30
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