Japanese Paper Art: Orizomegami & Momigami

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Friday June 21, 2024   Japanese Paper Art: Orizomegami & Momigami 9:00-12:00


Orizomegami is a centuries old technique of resist dyeing by folding, twisting, or crumpling kozo and other papers, binding and then dyeing them. Each method of binding or compressing the paper will result in very different patterns. You will practice a variety of intricate folds, and explore how different papers are receptive to inks and dyes, often with results reminiscent of stained glass windows. Orizomegami has a life of its own; each paper is completely unique and often a surprise when you unfold it and the pattern is revealed.


Noted for its strength, momigami paper has a leather like surface that is both durable and pliable. Momigami papers have been used as a book binding paper, kamiko (clothing), wallets, purses, and wrappings. The process involves crumpling, rubbing, and stretching kozo paper onto which a paste, such as konnyaku is applied, then wrinkling and kneading the paper and allowing it to dry, or repeating the process. 

Instructor: Sandy Bernat
Fee: $70 plus $10 materials fee
Work Hours/Time: 9:00-12:00
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