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The Visual Essay

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What to do with the discarded books from library shelves, classrooms, and the community at large? Give them new life in the classroom as students create visual essays. For teachers of students in middle or high school, this workshop offers an arts approach to the written essay. Students learn to explore a thematic idea in depth by transforming through text and mixed media a discarded hard cover book. Teachers in this workshop will learn how their students can examine the meaning of such broad thematic ideas as love, honor, courage or heroism, justice vs. injustice, integrity, endurance, loyalty, and independence, among others, through found text, original text, and art. Visual elements expanding the concept of the theme will be constructed by cutting, folding, collaging, weaving, painting, stamping, transferring, and embellishing the book itself. This is a process approach integrating both writing and art. Model student requirements and rubrics will be included in the discussion. Teachers in this workshop will come away with at least a two page spread in a book and a sampling of techniques to be used in the classroom.

Instructor: Sandy Bernat
Fee: $295
Work Hours/Time: 2 days, 10:00-4:00
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