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What can you do with a journal?

Favorite photos
Favorite photos

Visual poetry collage
Visual poetry collage

Stitched, pasted, and painted
Stitched, pasted, and painted

  1.   personal diary
  2.   garden notes/garden map
  3.   birthdays and anniversaries
  4.   recipes
  5.   favorite poems/quotations
  6.   appointments
  7.   oxymorons, redundancies, and poignantly bad grammar
  8.   vehicle maintenance log
  9.   sketches
  10.   song lyrics
  11.   jokes
  12.   dream descriptions
  13.   washing instructions for the clothes out of which the pokey labels were cut
  14.   good new words
  15.   yarn/fabric samples
  16.   stamp collection
  17.   stickers
  18.   best excuses
  19.   favorite wines/l wine labels
  20.   favorite movies
  21.   autographs
  22.   book inventory; books to read/ books read
  23.   I-should-have-saids
  24.   inventory of possessions (for insurance and/or gloating)
  25.   bird sightings